Headstone Shapes

Creating a Memorial

Shown below are a number of alternative headstone shapes that can be applied to most of the memorials in our brochure, in most cases at no additional cost.

Square Top

Checked Top

Raised Shoulder

Square Topped Scotia Shoulders

Square Topped Checked & Raised Shoulders

Peon Top

Offset Peon Top

Peon with Checks

Square Top & Splayed Shoulders

Square Top Gothic Shoulder

Oval, Arc or Chambered

Oval with Shoulders

Oval with Checks

Square Top Double Rounded Shoulders

Half Round

Ogee Top

Half Ogee Top

Serpentine Top

Ogee with Checks

Oval Top Scotia Shoulders

Square Top Rounded Shoulders

Round Top Rounded Shoulders

Oval Top Checked Rounded Shoulders

Square Top Ogee Shoulders

Oval Top Ogee Shoulder

Peon Top with Tapered Sides



Deep Ogee

Peon Top with Splay Sides