The Process

Creating a Memorial

Below is a hypothetical example of how to work your way through the process of creating a memorial.

The family of Ethel Brown wished to create a special memorial that was personal to her, and reflected elements of her life that would bring back special memories when the grave was visited.

Ethel spent a lot of her time in her garden where she got immense pleasure from tending and nurturing her flowers, her favourite being a rose, and in particular, pink ones.

Because she spent so much time in the garden, a Robin had become accustomed to her movements and so was always in the vicinity on the off chance food would be unearthed.

With all the above taken into account, the methodology of creating this memorial by the family was as follows.


The Shape and Material

To choose the shape they liked and the material, which was all polished Karin grey granite with an ogee top to the headstone. At this point the question of where to place flowers was addressed by having a flower vase front centre of the base.


To create the wording which best expressed what they wanted to say, the font chosen was Goudy, the letters to be painted black.

The Personal Touch

An old style watering can was added, this was placed top centre of the stone, the Robin resting on the handle was added as it had great personal significance, and maybe both were waiting should she return. These would be carved into the stone and then painted the appropriate colours.